The JANET Project

The JANET Project (Jewish Action for Non-Violet Expression of Tweens/Teens)

In 2016, we created a new NCJW project that connected us with JFCS’s Camp Mariposa. Since then, NCJW has provided a “camper-ship” for one or two campers per year.

After a hiatus with virtual camp sessions due to COVID, Camp Mariposa currently is holding regular camp sessions.  Once a month, local at-risk tweens/teens, impacted with drug or alcohol abuse, attend weekend camp sessions. At Camp Mariposa, there are professional counselors and therapists who provide support for addiction and mentoring programs.  Campers learn lifetime coping skills, and they participate in regular camp activities.

In the past, our members have volunteered and conducted programs in music, crafts, art, dog therapy, a Blankee-Bee project, and photography.

We can use your help, too! Please contact one of our Co-Chairs to volunteer for a short camp session (1 to 3 hours) with your talent or skill. These 8-to-17-year-olds need you and your compassion!

Co-Chairs Barbara Berkowitz: or Myna Stoltz: